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Eat your own SaaS dog food


Eat your own SaaS dog food

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<p class="tip">The phrase "eat your own dog food" or "dogfooding" is often used in the startup world and insinuates that you should be an active user of the product you're building or selling in order to have better insights on how to improve and grow it.</p>

I always find it interesting to see how some startups use their own product daily, even if it's a bit meta sometimes.

Here are a few dogfooding examples

The Lemlist team used their own tool to grow by sending personalized cold emails, creating a healthy feedback loop:

Source: Starter Story


Ahrefs team members like Patrick Stox are savvy SEOs, and also power-users of the tool. thanks to this dynamic, the product team can get can get highly qualified feedback.

Source: X Post


The Notion team uses their own tool to organize their whole company, and they shared how they do it publicly.

Source: The Notion Blog


Even if it looks super meta, the Figma team uses their own tool for UI/UX work.


On the Fomo website, we can see pop ups from their own tool that show social proof.


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— Alex

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