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How Midjourney onboards new users using Discord


How Midjourney onboards new users using Discord

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After hearing that it can help you generate cool images, you decide to start checking out Midjourney.

But after signing up, you get an unusual onboarding experience...

You don't have to sit through an explainer video.

You don't have to read a blog post.

No one holds your hand.


You land... in a Discord server.

After scrolling a bit, you quickly realize that you've been invited to the cool kid's table, and they're all sharing how they generate their images, in real time.

So you go to the #getting-started channel.

Straight to the point 👌

And only a few minutes after signing up, you're ready to create your first image!


Not only this approach makes the onboarding frictionless, Midjourney also manages to kill two birds with one stone:

  • Users learn from each other, understanding the tool's value and achieving faster results.
  • Publicly available usage data helps the Midjourney team improve their tool and release updates faster based on their customer's feedback.

So how can we do it too?


<p class="cb-p">Step 1: We can try to reduce the Time to Value (TTV) as much as possible.</p>


<p class="cb-p">Step 2: We can share our customer's results in our marketing material or inside of our app, which teaches how to get a good output and reassures new users that the tool works like intended. (For example, Lemlist created the Lemlist hub to share their customer's cold emailing campaigns and results)</p>

— Alex

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